Recruitment for the Post of Restaurant Manager in Canada

Recruitment for the Post of Restaurant Manager in Canada

As a highly experienced and qualified Permanent resident of Canada, you can work part-time or full time.  In order to be successful in this position, you should work with a well-established, internationally recognized employer.


The main duties and requirements of a Restaurant Manager in Canada are very different from those in most European countries. Because there is no equivalent of the British National Health Service, many Canadians will be eligible for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) in order to receive financial assistance to cover their living expenses while on benefits. However, if your benefits are stopped by the Government for any reason, then you will need to be prepared to find the extra money yourself. Canadian employment laws respect the right-to-work lifestyle and therefore, Restaurant Manager Jobs in Canada often pays better than in many other countries.


In order to secure a Restaurant Manager Job in Canada, it is important to complete an application form that details all the relevant experience and qualifications. Some countries require you to work as a chef for two years, however, the Canadian Employment Standards Act states that only one year’s experience as a chef is necessary. In addition, if you want to gain employment in a catering business, then it is essential that you have completed the appropriate training.


Restaurant Manager Jobs in Canada does require a large amount of commitment and responsibility, as they are in charge of all aspects of the running of a restaurant. You may be required to make decisions about the design and layout of your restaurant or even about the menu and catering services. If you run a successful restaurant, it is possible to work your way up the ladder to become a General Manager, which is the highest position in a restaurant and requires extensive training and a wide knowledge of the industry.


It is worth noting that it is easier to set up your own restaurant than it is to start a chain. Many people who buy out or start their own restaurant in Canada have little or no previous experience in business management.

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